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Window Tint

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  Ceramic ✓ Our Most Popular Ceramic PLUS
Full Window Tint $395 $595
SUV* Full Window Tint $449 $649
Two Front Doors $149 $225
Windshield Tint $225 $300
Sun Strip / Visor $65
Remove Existing Tint** starts from $100
* This slight upcharge applies to wagons and SUVs with extra windows, such as BMW X models, Toyota 4Runner, Audi Q series, Mercedes G series, Subaru Outback, etc.
** This is only necessary if your vehicle has old tint on it. Typically adds +60-90 minutes to your appointment time. Cost stated applies to most but not all -- difficult cases will require more labor to remove.

For your window tinting appointment we request that you drop your car off in the morning in the range of 8-8:30am, and then pick up at the day's end in the range of 4-5pm. Prefer to wait? We can get you in and out in as little as 2 hours (please make sure we know that you are waiting locally). You can grab a bite or do some shopping nearby.

Prices above apply to most but not all makes and models - there are a few price exceptions and we will alert you if the price is different from the above when you make your appointment.

Clear Bra & PPF

Clear Bra Protection Package, Partial Front starts at $850
Full Front Clip PPF starts at $1,650
Complete Car for Exotics & Classics starts at $6,000
Clear Door Edge Guards and Cups $79
Premium Clear Guard Trunk Protector $69

Want your car to look just a nice down the road as it does today? Our virtually invisible paint protection film keeps rock chips, door dings, and scratches from ruining your factory paint. If you plan to own your car for more than a few years we highly recommend paint protection - it's a heck of a lot cheaper than a repaint.
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Hood or Roof Wraps starts at $275
Full CAR Color-Change Vehicle Wrap starts at $3,000
Full TRUCK Color-Change Wrap starts at $3,600
"Billboard On Wheels" Full Printed Vinyl Truck or Van Wrap Special Pricing - Please Call For Quote

We use top quality films for all of our wraps. Get that instant change and beautiful matte or satin look with a color change wrap. Please allow our team 4-5 days to complete your car. We treat your car like our own and it never leaves our locked shop.

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Vinyl & Stripes

Single Stripe $525
Dual Stripe $625
Hash Marks $125

We also offer completely custom vinyl decals to transform your vehicle into a one-of-a-kind. Please contact us for design and pricing for your signature look.

Ceramic Coat

Silver Package 7 Years $600 - $800
Gold Package Lifetime, includes exterior surface of wheels $800 - $1000
Refresher Appt $150
Full Wheel Rim Application (done off vehicle) $100 per wheel

Exact price for this service will vary based on the size of vehicle and amount of paint correction that is necessary prior to application.

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Make Your Appointment: Call Jonathan at 602-621-9695

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Need something not listed above? Give us a call, we do all sorts of custom tint, film, and vinyl services.

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