Rock Chip Protection Film

Keep your vehicle as pristine as humanly possible, our clear protection film is the answer to stop rock chips and road damage. We can apply it over the most-affected areas of your vehicle in a clear bra style, or extend it to protect your entire front end. For owners of exotics and classics, we can install it over the complete car and protect your vehicle's original paint.

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Installing Rock Chip Protection Film
You can see the film while it is being installed but afterwards it is virtually invisible .

Rock Chip Damage is a Reality

Silver car with rock chip damage.
Rock chip damage on a silver car. Inevitable without paint protection film.

If there were signs of aging for our vehicles, one of them would surely be a front end all speckled up and needing to be repainted. This kind of damage is an inevitable part of driving.

There's no way to steer clear of flying rocks except to stick only to weekend drives on lone country roads.... In Scottsdale and Phoenix, not a possibility!

As a driver you can stay smart about tailgating too closely (in the "rock chip zone") or following large trucks, especially those carrying cargo like aggregate materials. If your driving is primarily on city streets, you will likely see fewer dings than the serious commuter, but over time those rock chips add up.

The bulk of the damage is going to hit right on the nose of your car, in the front bumper and hood area. Your headlights then are at risk of dings (plastic) or cracking (glass) from especially large particulates.

The side mirrors of the vehicle are also in a prime orientation for rock chip damage, and on some models the rear fender panels if they protrude a little bit.

Rock Chip Protection Keeps Your Car Nice and Tidy

By strategically (or completely) applying our clear paint protection film to your vehicle, we can eliminate the most common spots from accumulating road damage.

We all like to drive up in a clean presentable car. One that looks fresh off the showroom floor, even if it hasn't seen the dealer's lot in years!

Why let the sun and the rocks take their toll on the vehicle you paid good money for? Why not take a little extra time up front to protect your investment and keep it a proper representation of you?

Paint protection film is actually a smart investment if you plan to own your vehicle for more than a few years. The cost of our service is tiny when compared to the price of matching and redoing several panels! A good paint job is really expensive - we recommend protecting the one you have. You can never have another original finish, after all.

Newly tinted Volvo, dark tint.
Jonathan peels the backing off and shows the thick clear nature of our protective film.

Stop Damage Before It Starts With Our Rock Chip Protection Film

Our film is nearly invisible and will be a self-healing barrier, protecting your paint not only from rock chips but also scratches and swirls. Your paint is frozen in time underneath - no waxing or buffing on that area needed!

We offer multiple levels of covereage from "spot" like door edge guards all the way up to the full vehicle.

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Manufacturer's data sheet for our main PPF film.

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