Window Tint FAQ & Care

Your Window Tint Questions Answered!

How do I choose the shade for me?

Come on in and see them for yourself, and we are happy to give you our favorite recommendations.

There is no need to stress out about this choice or think too hard: you are in good hands! We make it really easy.

How long does tint removal take?

This service only applies if your vehicle has old tint on it currently.

Dending on the age of the previous film, its quality, and the season it could take one hour to several hours.

For our tint removal customers, we might need your vehicle for most of the day. The added expense and time removal will adds to your tint service is a great reason to go with the good stuff!

Our films are a one-time process for the life of your car.

Will I be able to see well at night when driving?


Virtually all our shades have great nighttime visibility and have the added benefit of blocking out some bright headlight rays.

Limo tint is very dark, and is the exception.

We are pleased to offer excellent sun protection in our 70% Ceramic window tint film, which you can feel and see for yourself in our display room. This is also our favorite product for windshields, giving you clear uv window tint protection and excellent visibility.

Can I wash my car after my appointment? Does window tint go on the inside or the outside?

The tint goes on the inside of the glass, so feel free to wash your car at any time after it leaves our shop.

You just need to refrain from rolling down your windows for 4-6 days in the winter, or 3-4 days in the summer.

The glue is curing and bonding to your glass during this time.

Does tint get scratches?

It very well can, as window tint film is flexible and not as hard as your glass.

For this reason we recommend soft wiping with a microfiber cloth to clean.

What kind of product or cleaner can I use on tint?

You can use any automotive glass cleaner with a soft microfiber towel to clean your windows on the inside.

Never use a razor blade to clean tinted windows. Ammonia-free cleaners are the best.

Windex has a lot of ammonia and is not our first choice, but you will likely be just fine if you want to use it.

Factory Tint - is it good?

Think of factory tint instead as "privacy glass". This colorant is inside the glass and cannot be removed, but neither does it protect against UV or Infrared rays. Since cars from the factory must be ready to sell all over the country, they almost always skip the front windows. Not in any way "Arizona ready"!

We recommend that you get window tint on all doors that do not have factory tint, and also those that do. You can have darker rear windows or choose a light shade like our 70% Ceramic to get the UV and Heat Rejection in place. And the windshield in clear makes a very nice upgrade.

Dealership Tint - is it good?

It could be... it really depends. All Arizona buyers want tint, so many dealers will preload that option. Are they using the same grade of tint that we use at our shop? Almost never. If you are able to get the material details before purchase, that is helpful.

You may be able to purchase the vehicle untinted, or we can remove the film and install new if it does not perform well for you.

Do you work with Laminated Glass?

Yes, many of our customers with high end vehicles are going to have laminated safety glass. This may or may not have a privacy screen / darkening layer in between. Our process and prices are exactly the same.

Do some Mercedes have extra-reflective glass?

There are certain vehicles (Mercedes is the most common) that have special glass from the factory with a rather reflective finish. As window tint films are installed on the inside of the window, that high-shine quality will not dissipitate once tinted. For this reason a Mercedes might look a little different to other make & models once protected. Embrace it, it's fancy!

What does the Lifetime Warranty cover?

All of our tint comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, and we match that on the service side as well.

Should your tint ever fade, crack, bubble, or peel then bring it back to us and we will get that fixed.

The warranty does not cover scratches or gouges.

What's the deal with $99 window tint?

Don't touch it, even with a stick. More about Prices when it comes to window tint.

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