Tesla Window Tint & Clear Bra

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Teslas are an exception to our standard pricing, and we greatly prefer to tint the entire rear glass + sunroof + front windshield. Ceramic is our recommended window tint for Teslas.

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Tesla with doors open in our Scottsdale shop, getting window tinting.
Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3's are always welcome in our shop.

Fast Lane Loves Teslas

We've sat in many and we've nearly caught the bug as well for this future-thinking car that is incredibly fast, comfortable, and well appointed. As your vehicle arrives in Arizona and is delivered to you there will be just a few finishing touches that will make your car a true AZ native. We specialize in Tesla window tinting and clear paint protection services.

Single Piece Tesla Window Tint Install (No Seams)

Ceramic window tinting on a white Tesla.
Fresh ceramic window tint on this white Tesla Model 3.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right - so is the wisdom of dads everywhere (and now us). Tesla window tint can bring special challenges, especially the panoramic sunroof. That big blue sky up there also lets in a lot of solar energy - which is nice in cool/mild weather, but for summer one of our clients said it best:

"My Tesla was delivered just the other day and I've been driving it around. This is brutal - give me your NEXT APPOINTMENT!"

In Phoenix and Scottsdale, you are going to need an excellent film on that glass. We recommend our top-of-the-line Ceramic window tint, but we have multiple high-quality options and you will be able to see and experience them via our heat box when you come in.

Most importantly, we tint every piece of glass on your Tesla (and all vehicles) using a single piece of window tint for a most professional seamless finish. This requires special oversize rolls of film to accomplish, an oversize plotter to cut them, the right patterns, and a mastery of technique and tools (which Jonathan has in spades).

Full front clip paint protection film on a Tesla Model 3.
Applying an invisible paint protection barrier to this Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Clear Bra / Paint Protection Film

As you take delivery of your new car, this is the perfect time to clear bra the front end if you'd like it to stay pristine for as long as possible.

We've found that as a group, Tesla owners are an exciting and passionate bunch. We get to share in this dream with you of an entirely reshaped automotive future -- fossil fuels by the wayside and power cells that require almost no maintenance. So many of our valued owners know as soon as they place their order that this will be a special car they keep for its entire life.

To that end, we highly recommend taking good care of your paint and considering a PPF "clear bra" layer over your car's front end. We do offer a front bumper kit, but the Teslas do particularly well with the entire front end covered, as it suits the shape of the car better. (The lines from the film are faint but a bit more visible on Teslas than most other cars).

Our paint protection film is by SunTek and we offer their full range of PPF products, primarily sorted by guaranteed years of protection. Read more about our clear paint protection here.

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