RV Decal Replacement

Graphics looking a little tired? The sooner you replace them the better. Our repair specialist Tommy offers RV decal replacement with new factory decals OR custom-made replacements.

Looking for affordable RV Decal Replacement Services?
Email Tommy directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a great rate to revitalize your motor coach.
Pricing generally lands in the $1,500 - $3,500 range.
Square footage of artwork and current condition of decals will determine pricing.
Please send us pictures and your Make & Model so that we can best assist you. Material often requires special ordering. Please plan for lead times of 1-4 weeks on RV Graphic work.
Travel service for hooked-up coaches only in Arizona, for most others please drop off in Mesa AZ.

RV decal replacement project on a Winnebago in Phoenix.
Fresh vinyl on this Winnebago - RV decal replacement in Phoenix.

Tommy Fixes Bad RV Decals At Your Place or Ours

Tommy buffs off old RV Decals in Phoenix
Tommy uses a cloth buffing wheel to carefully remove old RV decals on this Phoenix AZ coach.

You take pride in your home and your things, and we do too! We are firm believers in keeping things well maintained. Your planned maintenance on an RV needs to include replacing or fixing your vinyl decals, since the Arizona sun is always baking them with UV rays.

Tommy has been addressing and repairing damaged vinyl on coaches and fifth wheels for years. As an Arizona native, he has seen all the different stages of vinyl decay and knows what can be done at each. Depending on how damaged your RV decals are, you may have the option to overlay your old decals and save a few $$$ if the old ones aren't so bad that they mandate removal.

While our main shop is in Scottsdale, Tommy can also travel to your location. He can turn your fading and peeling problems around without you even having to pack up and move your vehicle, anywhere in the valley.

When Is the Right Time For RV Decal Replacement?

Each piece of vinyl will take a similar downturn:

  1. It will Fade
  2. Then it will Crack
  3. And then it will Curl

The earlier we can address it, the easier (and less expensive) it will be. Here is an example where removal is required:

Assessing RV decal damage at our Phoenix Arizona shop.
The damage is done, these RV decals are curling and must be removed.

In the above "before" picture, you can see this factory decal is in the end stage, when its edges have not only curled but worn away. The paint underneath was previously protected from the sun (shielded by the decal) and is a lot shinier than the coach's main paint, which is distracting and revealing.

You always have the option to remove the old vinyl RV decals, but many of our customers are just as pleased to have us go over the old ones (when possible) with a small overlap. The visual difference is very slight and the savings add up, if your coach is a candidate for this type of replacement.

Replacement Graphics To Match Your Existing RV Decals

RV Decal replacement process at our Phoenix shop.
Fitting new solid color RV decals to match the old ones.

Since the paint underneath your existing decals hasn't been exposed to the sun, we find it best to recreate the coach's current artwork OR replace it with something larger. This gives the best result possible and keeps things simple.

We find that the material on many factory decals is not as long lived as our signage grade vinyl from 3M and Avery. This is unfortunate, and even more so when you look at the cost of factory decals -- usually double or triple, plus the time to receive them from the manufacturer.

For an affordable solution with a better lifespan, we recommend high quality solid-color new artwork. We use a combination of our vinyl plotter and handcraftsmanship to produce brand new RV graphics that look great and cost less.

You'll have your choice of our entire swatchbook of vinyl colors. You can stick with a close match or try something new on for a change!

Get An Estimate: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Assessing RV decal damage at our Phoenix Arizona shop.
Before & After on the passenger side of this RV. Looking sharp again! Light clearcoat failure (visible in the after image) over the gold paint, owner will address that next. Those UV rays never stop!

See the available 3M swatch colors for decals.

We also do all sorts of custom vinyl decals on cars, trucks, and vans in our Scottsdale shop.

Are you out-of-state but looking for a perk-up of your exterior graphics? Give your coach a fresh new look and take a trip to Scottsdale. Why not?! We are a top-tier tourist destination, particularly from November to March.

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