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70% CIR windshield tint on red Tesla
Ceramic windshield tint installed.

Feel the Difference On Your Face

When traffic grinds you to a halt or the light turns red on the sizzling city streets, you are going to be a lot more comfortable if you have windshield tint. This is a thin layer on the inside of your glass that still rejects 99% of UV rays and keeps about half of the heat out.

Ceramic is our film of choice for all windshield work, because it gives top heat rejection without needing to go dark. In fact, our preferred shade is virtually clear and makes almost no difference to driver visibility. Very important for night driving!

Excellent visibility / very transparent windshield tint.
Visibility demonstration sitting in a Tesla and looking at our shop front.

We offer full front glass tint services and also, separately, "sun strips" of dark tint a few inches tall. They can be installed together for maximum glare cutting.

Customer feedback:

"I now notice how much more tired and worn out I am after a day of driving my other car that doesn't have the windshield tinted. I'm converted, and I need to make another appointment."

Front window has been tinted
Very light shade on this client's front window for excellent visibility.

All Kinds of Folks Get Windshield Tint

Windshield has been tinted with ceramic
Windshield, driver's view.

We are fortunate to have customers of all walks of life, many whose health and wellbeing actively require this extra protection. Doctors can write prescriptions for their patients to go beyond the legal tint limit, which is very helpful for certain eye and skin conditions. This may be worth looking into with your opthamologist or dematologist if you have extra sensitivity to the sun.

Whether you drive daily or infrequently, the CDC advises that "the sun's UV rays can damage your skin in as little as 15 minutes" and that "UV exposure adds up over time". That's easily how long it takes to get buckled up and over to a local store. Think of all the minutes we spend behind the wheel over the course of a year...

If car travel is part of your profession it would be a wise investment in your health, your operating comfort, and to extend the lifespan of your business asset (your vehicle).

The Arizona Sun Really Is More Intense

If you've ever thought that the sun here seemed particularly strong or hostile, you were right! The EPA has taken measurements across the country and broken out the different regions by risk level. Our state is always receiving more UV rays, going into "full blast mode" during June and remaining at high risk until August.

UV ratings for America in June, from EPA
This map is from the EPA's "Sun Safety" series.

On this map, dark red is for UV Index of 8, hot pink is a 9, and the purple areas are 10 on the UV Index Scale. You'll notice that our whole state is basically covered by high risk area.

A UV Index rating in the 3-7 range is advised as protection needed against the sun. But in Arizona at 8-10 we fall into the top bracket of Very High to Extreme which warrants maximum precaution. The EPA's recommendation is to not only to cover your skin in protective clothing and slather what remains in sunscreen, but to actively seek out shade. Especially when the sun is directly overhead.

The risks from UV rays accumulate and grow over a lifetime of exposure, and window film is one of the few set-it-and-forget-it defenses. You don't need to reapply a cream, or wear long sleeves, or become a "hat person" to get the benefits.

We don't have to shovel sunshine (as the saying goes), but we do have the extra dose of UV radiation that must be mitigated. These climate differences make the window tinting business a very regional one, and we pull out all the stops here for comfort. If you haven't heard about tinting your front glass before, it's probably because they don't do it where you used to live!

Outside of Arizona, Texas, and Florida most drivers don't consider windshield tint because their temps aren't as hot and the UV risk is lower.

So many drivers just don't know about this service, and we want to change that. Yes, there is something that can be done for that big front window, and you do not need to sacrifice visibility to get it.

Ceramic windshield tint from outside the vehicle
Windshield, exterior view.

Health Risks of UV to the Skin and Eyes

One great reason to take a step like heat & UV rejection film is that you can actually slow the signs of aging over time. While not life threatening, premature aging of the skin is not something that we look forward to seeing in the mirror one day. And once you see the signs, it would be wise to take action so that it does not get worse. Your dermatologist can only do so much, and they will certainly be recommending some changes to your lifestyle and routine.

Beyond vanity, skin cells get damaged by the sun's rays and mutations like skin cancer can occur. This is linked with tanning, which is the skin's attempt to protect itself from further damage in the uppermost layers. (More at

Two people die of skin cancer in the USA every hour, and 20% of Americans will get it by age 70. Each day in our country 9,500 new people are diagnosed.

Not convinced of UV skin damage?

See The Famous Photo: Professional driver's skin damage after years of sun exposure. (Opens in new window)

Your eyes can be damaged by UV rays and you can lose vision or even experience pain as a result. The eyelid area can be affected by skin cancer, and there are several ocular defects that can be brought on or hastened by high exposure. Cataracts, snow blindness, surfer's eye, and plain old age-related degeneration are caused or accelerated by unprotected sun exposure. (More at

Windshield protection makes a wonderful gift.

It can mean greater comfort, skin & eye protection in our climate, and a longer life for your vehicle's interior.

CIR on windshield outside of Fast Lane in Scottsdale.
You really can cut your UV and heat exposure with a nearly-clear film!

We Offer Replacement Windshield Tint at a Discounted Rate

Arizona roads may also be famous for how quickly they eat up windshields. If you are past the point of chip repair and are in need of totally new glass, give our shop a call.

We offer a significant discount to tint the glass before it has been installed. This process is done on a glass stand outside of your vehicle and is much easier, and we pass that savings on to you. It does require coordinating both services into a single appointment on site.

Note: This only applies if our preferred glass partner is used and the windshield is replaced at our shop.

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