Our Window Tint Pricing

A Note on Our Pricing, And Exceptions

Our standard window tint pricing is part of our straightforward & no-nonsense approach to service. Instead of maintaining huge pricing tables and charts that we must thumb-through while on the phone with you, we've put out an easy list.

Some vehicles present additional challenges, and will fall outside of our service menu rates. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Work, cargo, and some passenger vans
  • Buses, shuttles, motorcoaches, etc
  • XL SUV vehicles with added glass, like Ford Expedition
  • Older and Classic cars with old rubber seals and/or accumulated micro-dirt
  • High end and/or Rare vehicles, for which patterns are not available
  • Models with special design accomodations or handling needs
  • Corvettes of some years and others with highly curved glass
  • Very large expanses of glass, like Teslas
  • (And others)

Please call us to schedule and confirm pricing on your make & model. Thanks!

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